Les Voyageurs

A suitcase, a man. He takes hold of it and sets out for the unknown. A voluntary journey towards a horizon that one embraces and which one would like to be infinite, or forced travel, constrained by exile and suffering, in search of freedom and guided by survival. The traveler of Bruno Catalano is this man left to himself, a man propelled in the infinity of time and space. His house is no more than a suitcase, and his being will progressively deprive himself of all that he believed indispensable, 2Les Voyageursof all his ego so skilfully built by our societies. He is no longer the man of a world, but the man in the world, still imbued with his culture but become fragile in the face of immensity. His quest will not happen without damage. Man defragmented, destabilized, stripped of his bearings, he walks towards his salvation as well as towards his loss. Everything will now be reinvented. This traveler escapes of himself, to meet his unknown land.

Artisan sculptor, as he defines himself, Bruno Catalano began his career in 1990.

The universal theme of the trip has always inspired him. Since his first work on clay, hundreds of travelers were born from his hands. The main engines of its creation are exile and detachment. It expresses the idea of a nomadic humanity, proud in misfortune, in perpetual quest for better tomorrows.

His men in tatters, marching against adversity, carrying suitcases that seem to contain the world, his characters in motion, holes, touch the novices as the most initiated. He tries by this concept to address men of today regardless of their age, driven by this need for escape, persuaded to find elsewhere the happiness they have failed to achieve.

“In my work, I am always looking for the movement and expression of feelings, I bring out form and wax out of inertia to give them life. Coming from Morocco myself, I carried these suitcases full of memories that I represent so often. They contain not only images but also lived, desires: my roots in motion. “

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