Pioneer Plaza – Cattle Drive

 Cattle Drive Dallas Texas USA Sculpture 

Pioneer Plaza is located by the Dallas Convention Center at the intersection of South Griffin and Young Street. Pioneer Plaza honors Dallas’ cowboy past by celebrating the trails that brought settlers to Dallas. Pioneer Plaza features native landscaping with a flowing stream and waterfall with a re-creation of a cattle drive in the form of bronze statues of longhorns being driven by three horse riding cowboys.

602 Each sculpture was created by Robert Summers of Glen Rose, Texas. The sculptures are believed to be the largest bronze sculptures of their type in the world.Pioneer
Plaza is the largest public open space in the central Dallas business district.

Pioneer Plaza is second only to Dealey Plaza as the most-visited landmark in downtown Dallas. Pioneer Cemetery connects to Pioneer Plaza and interesting to walk through. There is a very large Civil War Memorial in Pioneer Cemetery featuring Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis.

Some people in Fort Worth thought Dallas was encroaching on Cow town’s special franchise with this appropriation of such potent Fort Worth symbols. After all the Chisholm Trail did not go through Dallas. Some say it didn’t go through Fort Worth either. The sculptures are very detailed, down to the minute detail of have a tail swatting a fly. The cowboys are driving the herd down a bluff, away from the Dallas Convention Center and Pioneer Cemetery. Some longhorns stop for a drink before crossing a creek and continuing on towards the center of downtown Dallas and Dealey Plaza.Every day, twice a day, at 11:30AM and 4PM, cowboys drive the Fort Worth Herd through the Stockyards. The Fort Worth Herd Trail Drive is a very popular spectacle. Between trail drives the herd is kept in a corral in the actual Stockyards, the complex of wooden fenced pens behind Billy Bob’s and north of the Cow town Coliseum and Fort Worth Stock Exchange.

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