The Black Ghost of Klaipeda

1. A Black Ghost
“This Ghost lives in Klaipeda, the 3rd largest city and the only port of Lithuania. There is a legend saying that in 1595 the Black Ghost saved the city from famine by warning people to store food. The bronze, 2.4 m statue now is a symbol of luck and wealth. (sculptor S. Jurkus & S. Plotnikovas, architects V. Dapkevičius & V. Balsys)” -source

“Located near the Memel castle remains, close to the old port hotel, just past the swing bridge on the left the black ghost is a reminder of not only Lithuanian legend but of Klaipeda’s own folklore and history. The story goes that one evening in 1595 one of the Memel Castle guards, Hans von Heidi, while walking around the docks, saw a hooded ghostly figure. This “black ghost” asked him about the city’s supply of grain and timber and if the amount was sufficient? The guard replied that supplies were indeed enough, but the hooded ghost warned the guard that the stocks would soon be insufficient, and with that as quickly as he appeared, it vanished. This story or a variation of is actually mentioned in old manuscripts that document this encounter, the sculptors have managed to bring this legend to life as well as give us a reminder of just how long and interesting Klaipeda’s history is.”

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