The Bliss Project


Bliss Project

8136940076_91704d1c1eThe Bliss Project is a series of three monumental sculptures on which Marco worked with singer and dancer
Deja Solis (as model) and 100s of volunteers.  Standing 40 feet tall, Bliss Dance debuted at Burning Man 2010 and is currently installed on Treasure Island in San Francisco. The second sculpture is Truth is Beauty.  At 55 feet tall, she debuted at Burning Man 2013. R-Evolution , the final sculpture in the series made her first appearance at Burning Man in 2015. Each sculpture is constructed of welded steel rods and balls, covered in stainless steel mesh skin with interactive lighting effects.

The Bliss Project was made possible by a large community of support who help us fund, create and achieve our goals:

Changing human consciousness around the need to end violence against women now and expressing appreciation and respect for feminine energy and power that results when women feel free and safe.

Creating magnificent sculptures, as strong as the steel from which they are are constructed, yet appearing human, alive and beautiful.

Generating an environment where people can participate in a community dedicated to ending violence against women.


What would the world be like if women were safe?

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