The Caring Hand

The Caring Hand 



The Caring Hand of Glarus sends a strong message.

This work by Eva Oertli and Beat Huber is grossly underestimated. This original sculpture rising from the ground and gently wrapping its fingers around a tree sends a message of environmental responsibility and care.

The small yet stunningly beautiful region of Glarnerland where the Caring Hand is located is just one hour away by train from Zurich. And do you think it is a coincidence that Glarus is one of the only two towns in Switzerland where direct democracy is still practiced – by raising a hand?

“The Caring Hand” by H. R. Giger, Glarus, Switzerland   In your hands lays the power to change the world. The power to cure the sick, the lonely and the sad. The gentleness to transmit love and caress. The strength to move mountains and the pains from all…

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