Wire Fairy

About Fantasy Wire

His name is Robin Wight and he would probably describe his self-more of a designer rather than an artist. His career has always been in manufacturing, solving practical problems through design. His philosophy being, to get the design right and the aesthetic flows from the design (form follows function). He has been an amateur artist all his life and making wire fairies is still (technically) only a hobby.

2In each fairy he tries to apply design criteria, including a story, movement, some visual illusion, emotion and natural forces. As his new designs develop, He’d also like to create a fresh, contemporary view of fairies, avoiding the clichés and hopefully, as a result, deliver a balance of the traditional childlike whimsicality, with the aesthetic of a female form wrapped around an action type persona.3

The Technique

It was while mending a fence that the idea of wire as a sculptural medium struck him. Wire is perfect for the amateur sculptor. Its cheap, its accessible to all, it doesn’t require any welding or special processes, and is virtually limitless in what you can produce. It’s like metal clay. All you need is a coil of wire, a pair of pliers and your imagination. If you would like to try it, a DIY kit will provide you with the basics.

As It’s not how he earn his living, he doesn’t really have time to do commissions and prefer instead to keep designing and
making new ones, but he did sell most of the ones he make.

He totally amazed and delighted at the popularity of Fantasy Wire and it’s a testament to the benefits of social media that a complete amateur like him can get his work shared and seen by so many people.

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